Join Me at Austin's Startup Week: A Deep Dive into Insider Threats and Neural Networking

Austin Startup Week, since its inception in 2011, has always been a vibrant tapestry of Austin's entrepreneurial spirit. A unique confluence of entrepreneurs, local leaders, and enthusiasts, it offers a rich platform to connect, collaborate, and grow. This year marks the 13th iteration of this celebrated event, which will span from November 6-10, 2023. From enlightening sessions, hands-on workshops, to dynamic startup showcases and networking mixers, Austin Startup Week promises to be an engaging experience. To all those who celebrate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, I wholeheartedly encourage you to register and be a part of this distinctive celebration of Austin's diverse community of trailblazers.

As a part of this week, I am happy to share that I will be speaking at the Capital Factory on November 7th on the topic "How Unsupervised Neural Networking Roots Out Insider Threats." Adam Lipman will lead a panel discussion where we will delve deep into the nuanced world of cybersecurity, unearthing the challenges CISOs face, the motivations driving insider threats, and the breakthroughs in detecting them.


At the heart of our discussion will be the role of unsupervised neural networking technology and its efficacy in detecting subtle indicators of internal threats. I look forward to sharing experiences and learning from the collective wisdom of the community.


To all in Austin and beyond, I invite you to join us for this enlightening session. Together, let's deepen our understanding, share knowledge, and reinforce our commitment to a safer, more secure digital landscape.


Here is the session information:

Title: How Unsupervised Neural Networking Roots Out Insider Threats

Yet another cyber intrusion? What's the latest threat this time? A high-stakes nation-state espionage showdown? A massive breach of Private Personal Information (PPI)? While these headline-grabbing attacks dominate the spotlight, a subtler but equally perilous danger looms: the insider threat.

Join us for a riveting session where Adam Lipman leads a panel discussion featuring ThreatWarrior, a cutting-edge AI-driven threat detection and response company right here in Austin. 


Discover the tales of CISOs grappling with the intricate dance between external and internal threats, a precarious balance that could spell disaster. Gain insights into the surprising array of motivations that drive insiders to breach security and the cunning tactics they employ.

Explore how state-of-the-art unsupervised neural networking technology can seamlessly connect the dots amidst millions of signals, uncovering signs of suspicious and malicious insider activity. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve in safeguarding your organization.

When: Tuesday, Nov 7th from 10:15AM - 11:15AM
Where: Capital Factory - Captain America - Floor 8


Pete Slade
October 18, 2023