Welcome to my contact page! I'm genuinely interested in exploring collaborations and sharing my expertise in cybersecurity. Whether it's for event engagements, media inquiries, or general opportunities, I'm always eager to engage in meaningful conversations.

Event Engagements, Media Inquiries, and Opportunities

I am open to a variety of engagements and interactions. Feel free to reach out to me for:

  • Speaking Engagements - Participating in conferences, seminars, and other events where I can share my insights in cybersecurity.
  • Media Appearances - Offering comments on breaking news in cybersecurity and related areas.
  • Collaborative Opportunities - If you have an innovative idea or project in the realm of cybersecurity, I’m interested in hearing about potential collaborations.
Secure Communication

For matters requiring confidentiality, please indicate your need for secure communication through the contact form. We can then establish a channel using PGP keys or other secure methods.

What Works Best for Contacting Me

I’m most responsive to:

  • Media requests for comments on current cybersecurity issues.
  • Inquiries related to cybercrime and cybersecurity topics.
  • Opportunities to speak at conferences and events.

To ensure a timely response and align with my professional focus, I generally don’t engage with:

  • Personal requests to review blogs or projects.
  • Technical support or troubleshooting for personal cybersecurity incidents.
  • Proposals for guest posts on my website.
  • Assistance with personal hacking incidents or lost account recovery.
  • Promotional requests or link-sharing for my website.
Ready to Connect?

If you’re interested in starting a dialogue, please fill out the form below. I'm looking forward to exploring how we can collaborate and appreciate your interest in my work in cybersecurity!

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