Just for Fun

Welcome to 'Just for Fun' – a little corner on my site where humor intersects with cybersecurity, technology, and business. Here, you'll find a collection of comic strips, bingo cards, and other lighthearted content that hopefully provide a playful twist. Let's remember to occasionally pause for a smile and some fun.

Inside the Mind of a Software Engineer

Ever wondered how a software engineer's mind works outside the keyboard and screen? Logic doesn't take a break at the grocery store! I created this comic strip to showcase what happens when a simple shopping errand meets a programmer's logic. Enjoy the quirkiness of conditional thinking in the dairy aisle!

inside the mind of a software engineer comic strip
Just Another Meeting

As someone who often finds themselves first at the meeting table, I've turned that familiar waiting game into a comic moment. Here's a little creation of mine for anyone who's ever found themselves questioning the virtues of the meeting room clock—this one's for you.

Just another meeting comic strip
Business Bingo

Corporate buzzwords — we all know them, and we all use them, sometimes more than we realize. I've put together a Business Bingo card for a bit of fun. Next time you're in a meeting (virtual or in-person), see if you can spot these classics. It's a playful way to add some humor to our day-to-day corporate speak. Can you get five in a row during your next conference call?

business bingo card
Cybersecurity Bingo

In the world of cybersecurity, certain terms and scenarios are all too familiar. I've designed a Cybersecurity Bingo card as a nod to our shared experiences in this field. It's a light-hearted way to recognize the common elements we encounter, from 'phishing' to 'pen-tests.' Enjoy using this in your next team meeting or as a fun way to reflect on the day-to-day language of our profession.

cybersecurity bingo card
Parting Smiles

I hope you've enjoyed this lighthearted detour through the more whimsical side of tech and cybersecurity. It's important to remember that sometimes, a little humor can be the best tool in our kit. If any of these comics and games brought a smile to your face, then they've served their purpose.