Battle of the Minds: My Experience at the Texas Cyber Summit

Last week, I had the pleasure of attending the 6th annual Texas Cyber Summit for the first time. Held at the Marriott in the heart of downtown Austin from September 28th through September 30th, this summit proved to be a melting pot of ideas, innovation, and camaraderie. 


The theme this year was “Battle of the Minds,” underscoring the role of Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity. Apparently, this theme was decided on last year, before the rapid emergence of all the ChatGPT buzz. 



I wasn't a speaker at this year's conference, but with the enriching experience provided, I'm considering throwing my hat into the speaker's ring for next year.


As always, it's great to reconnect with familiar faces from the cybersecurity world and forge new friendships. It's always heartwarming to be surrounded by peers who share the same passion and dedication to our craft.


With Phillip Wylie

The summit had its fair share of technical glitches on the first day – from audio-visual disruptions to an overenthusiastic air-conditioning system that turned one of the rooms into what felt like a meat locker! Yet, kudos to the presenters who handled these hiccups with grace and professionalism. Their resilience ensured the content remained impactful and the audience engaged.


From network security to ethical hacking, there was a slice of content for everyone, catering to all specialties within the cybersecurity domain. It was particularly commendable to see the inclusivity toward students, ensuring the next generation gained exposure to different sessions.


My personal inclination leans towards offensive security tracks, and the presenters in this domain didn't disappoint. Their articulate delivery, combined with intriguing subject matter was very much appreciated.


Overall, the Texas Cyber Summit was a worthwhile experience, amalgamating learning with networking opportunities. I plan to be at next year's event.

Pete Slade
October 5, 2023